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22.04.2018 19:32
Aleš Loprais wins Morocco Desert Challenge
A Czech team Instaforex Loprais Team has managed to win the Morocco Desert Challenge. Aleš Loprais with his crew, consisting of Ferran Marco Alcayna and Petr Pokora, did not finish first just in the... more
21.04.2018 11:32
Loprais still leads the Morocco Desert Challenge a...
The Morocco Desert Challenge continued on Friday with its sixth stage, which was 306 kilometres long. more
19.04.2018 10:11
Loprais moves into the lead as he wins two stages
Aleš Loprais has taken the overall lead after winning stages three and fourth of the competition. Instaforex Loprais Team is now sitting in the first place in the Truck category after the first half... more


Aleš Loprais and his statement from Dakar 2016: 

"I apologize to everyone for communications lockout caused by spending the night in the bonding stage at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level, without the possibility of common communication...


Yesterday's stage was a bit strange. Probably previous heavy rains and the ever-present mud was signed on the electronics of our car. Right before the start we left tire inflation system, then just after the start the bottom row of gears and a bit over half the SS 4x4. Nevertheless, we drifted into the finish with rear wheel in very good time and I was happy, that we did it with the car, which was not in 100% condition. Then we continued to the connecting stage of the marathon bivouac. In the mountains, in the biggest possible place the left front wheel has blocked. We have stopped immediately and quickly analyzed the fault. Unfortunately, from so far unknown reasons, occured a damage of front wheel hub bearings. This component, we and no one from the other participants, who stood with us, didn´t have. It meant only one. Call the assistance, which was at that time 600 km away and wait for help. During that time we have removed the wheel hub, at the night built the tents and were waiting for the morning help. I navigated the guys from service by a satellite phone and sent them the GPS coordinates where to find us. They arrived after dark early morning. At an altitude of 4000 meters everything works differently. Man quickly get tired and is suffering by big headache and malaise. Repairing was successful at noon this day and we set out to the bivouac, with a little hope that we will manage into the limit for start of the next stage. Unfortunately it did not work and the start gate remain closed for us.


I regret it very much, even though I know that this is exactly Dakar - beautiful, fascinating, inexorable and cruel. After last year's fourth place at Dakar and second place in Morocco, I felt possibility this year in the new team on Dakar to succeed. I wanted till free day to survive with minimal loss for the first five and then start to pull in the difficult stages as it suits me. Unfortunately it did not happen. I am looking forward and think of another event to humble ourselves.


I thank all the fans for their kind messages, to family for tolerance and partners for their support. I am much appreciated and I look forward again with you for next adventure."


Your Aleš Loprais







Aleš Loprais

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