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In January 2013 starts next year heaviest race - DAKAR 2013 and dampers Loprais FRT will be there!foto


Racing Tatra from Ales Loprais will rely on the quality of dampers Loprais FRT on whitch is build old-new car.


How Ales Loprais comented next Dakar you can find out here:


"Red bring us luck!" Ales, nephew sixfold winner of Rally Dakar Karel Loprais, recolored his racing Tatra from shining yellow to red and with mechanics sends to South America. "Charles had this color on her first Tatra," says Ales. "He loved her and won with her. So we thought that is time for a change. "


Start Dakar in 2013 to 5, while the January in Lima, Peru, but the cars must be sent across the sea to the technical přejímkám in advance. Thirty-two competitor from Frenštát breakneck accident or stopped from the last Dakar.


Dakar 2013 will still start to 5 January in Lima, Peru, but the cars/trucks must be sent across the see for reasons of technical acceptance in advance. Thirty-two years old racer from Frenštát, he does not stop, nor breakneck accident from last Dakar. 


When crossing between measured sections his mechanic fell asleep at the wheel Petr Almasiand the crew of InstaForex Loprais Team flew with the car (at full speed) from the track.After several somersaults machine was underwater, Loprais and Almasi ended up in hospital


"At the last Dakar I left two vertebrae,fortunately it wasnt too serious and I can continue. And try it again."Loprais goes again to the fight. He is ride dakar as a driver for the sixth time. Although he won four stages, to the finish line he just arrived only at his premiere in 2007. It was still in Africa, finished third. After moving to South America Loprais four times didnt finish.


"There has been enough bad luck!" Karel Loprais believes his nephew, who praised the idea to change the team colors. "Nice combination. Similar with whitch we have went before. This car has been in America, and the boys with him in 2011, fought on the podium. Unfortunately, they stopped the turbo. In these options is a unique car. "


Completely new is the composition Loprais crew. The navigator will be Belgian Serge Bruynkens and mechanic Radim Pustějovský. "Serge is a pro. In addition, the same temperament as I constantly laughing. I believe that he will bring us happiness."


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