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fotoOn Wednesday morning they put the Princess on a special trailer, which will go on through Prague, the French port of Le Havre and the Atlantic Ocean to South America.There awaits the princess at the beginning of this year a rough experience - Dakar Rally. Who or what is this Princess? Red tatra from the pilot Ales Loprais


"Why Princess, and why not? After all, it's a girl, these Tatra, and look at her, how beautiful she is,"  said Ales in the garage of his team in Frenštát Radhoštěm.Car from the television crew which arrived yesterday to document the final preparations before departure, had a defect. Loprais team hastened, and removed the hose from the compressor Princesses, wheel was deftly punctured, team swiftly blown allow the vehicle to drive to a nearby tire service. The princess, however, can do much more. "Ales could wins this time" believes Karel Loprais, who is Ales's uncle and six-time winner of the Dakar Rally truck category.


"At the last Dakar I leave two vertebrae," remind Ales heavy January crash. "But already Im fine and the car is also ready. Going to grapple with it," he said firmly racer.

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